Colorado Council of Black Nurses


As the first African American nurse in the United States, Mary Mahoney was well known for her professionalism, excellent nursing skills, and her ability to inspire others to work together for human rights.  The Colorado Council of Black Nurses strives to continue this legacy by working together to address health disparities among Coloradan minorities.  We endeavor to educate and empower African Americans to obtain high quality health. 


The Colorado Council of Black Nurses (CCBN) was formed in May 1973 by a small group of black nurses who were concerned about the quality of health care delivered to minority people in the community.  This group of charter members developed a plan to address health care issues among African American and other minority community members.  Since its inception, CCBN has worked steadfastly to imrpove health conditions among minorities in Colorado.  In addition, CCBN recognizes the importance of supporting fellow African American nursing professionals.

Board of Directors

The board of directors help to provide oversight for reaching our goals.  The board of directors is comprised of community leaders, healthcare professionals, and others who are committed to addressing health disparities within the community. 


  • President:  Chris Bryant
  • Vice President:  Janice Moore
  • Secretary:  Elrie Archer
  • Parliamentarian:  Loretta Tipton-Perry 
  • Treasurer:  Odie Kennedy
  • Historian:  Margie Cook
  • Past President:  Lee Thomas
  • Chaplain:  Emma Jackson


Education Committee:  Lynn Hoskins - Chair

Community Health and Outreach Committee:  Elrie Archer - Chair, Deadre Currie, Mandy Dube-Muchineripi

Membership Committee:  Trina Houge - Chair

Social and Legislation Committee:  Margie Cook - Chair

Communication Committee: Jancee Moore, Chris Bryant, Jenniffer Allen, Chris Sawyer - Adjunct

Scholarship Committee:  Terry Lee - Chair, Chris Campbell, Margie Cook

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